How do you restore your computer back to factory settings?


Restoring your computer to factory settings you restart the computer, Press backspace during the initial BIOS post, if backspace key does not open the BIOS setup utility, press the delete key instead. Press F8 to access advanced boot options. On the advanced boot options screen, use the arrow keys to highlight repair computer and click on enter, select a keyboard layout and click next, enter the username and password of the administrator and click ok, Select Command prompt, and then open the D:recovery directory, enter recovery.cmd, and then press ENTER which might take several minutes to finish. Restart the Microsoft Surface unit, On the License terms screen, read the license agreement, select I accept the license terms check box, and then click next. On the Choose a user name and picture screen, enter a local administrator account name and password in the appropriate boxes, optionally select an icon picture for the account, and then click next. On the Review your time and date settings screen, review and edit the time and date settings as needed, and then click next. On the Thank you screen, click Start to start Windows Vista.
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1. Restore and Back Up Your Computer Back to the Factory Settings. When you got your computer, you should of also received a computer restoration or computer recovery C.D., if not
you may need to format your pc which will erase everything on the hard drive, then you can re-install windows from your disc that comes supplied with the computer and re-install all
The only real way to go back to factory settings is to
1. Power on the Sony computer. Select "All Programs" from the desktop Start menu. 2. Click the "VAIO Care" folder and then click "VAIO Care. Enter the administrator
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