How to Shrink Cotton Shirts?


To shrink cotton shirts you will want to put them through the wash on the hottest water setting. Follow the hot wash with a long high heat dryer cycle and you should see some shrinkage in your cotton shirts.
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How to Shrink Cotton Shirts
When you want to shrink a cotton shirt, the key thing is heat. You can shrink white or color shirts with or without lettering on them.... More »
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1 Prepare a large, boiling pot of water. Clothing companies often stretch out their fabric so that less cloth is needed to manufacture a shirt. [1] Washing the cotton shirt, or submerging
Cotton shirts often shrink quite easily and most people go to great lengths to avoid shrinking cotton shirts. However, to intentionally shrink cotton, wash it in hot water and then
1. Inspect your shirt's tag to ensure it is made of 100-percent cotton. If it's a cotton blend, it won't shrink as much on the first try as a fully cotton shirt will. 2. Examine any
Shrinking a Tee Shirt Wash it in hot water and put it in the dryer to dry.
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To shrink a cotton shirt throw it in the dryer dry and let it go for an hour. The shirt if a 100% cotton will for sure shrink. Then you can try it on to see if ...
Fastest and easiest way to shrink a cotton shirt is with heat. The heat shrinks the cotton fibers that the shirt is made of. Wash the shirt in hot water and dry ...
To shrink your cotton shirt, you will need to wash it and then dry it on high heat. This process may shrink it too much, so be careful and do it for short periods ...
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