How do you spell "fiancee"?


Great job! You have the correct spelling for fiancee. Have more questions? Ask ChaCha!
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fiancee is a girl. fiance is a guy. The reason is that these words are French and the extra e on fiancee makes the noun feminine. Most people ignore the difference, though, and just
You or your representative need to notify the Immigration Service immediately in writing. Please, do not forget to include your name, a correct name of you fiancee and a "receipt
In the past, all you had to do is get through to your Service Center and correct the spelling over the phone. This is no longer possible (as the Service Centers do not receive direct
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The word that you want me to spell is spelled "fiancee" when used for the female. However, when it is used for the male, is is written as "fiance. ...
To spell fiancee for a male, it would be 'fiance'. In French, double e's signify a female while a single e signifies a male. ...
Fiance is a man who is engaged, a woman who is engaged is called a fiancee. You would spell fiance just as you have spelled it. ...
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