How to Turn off Airbag Light?


Many new car owners wonder how to turn off the airbag light.The first step is to disconnect the battery. Safety bags contain an explosive gas and can hold a charge as long as they have a power source, so it is very important to disconnect the battery before attempting to turn off the light. Once the battery is disconnected, remove the SRS diagnostic module to turn off the airbag computer. This usually involves removing bolts with a socket. Once the bolts are removed, unplug the air bag and remove it.
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How to Turn Off the Airbag Light
You may have made the mistake of turning on the key while installing your car radio without plugging in car airbag components. Doing this will cause your airbag light to flash, and it can be distracting if you leave it on as it is. Luckily, you can reset... More »
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1. Turn on the ignition switch with your car key. The switch is often located beside the steering wheel, and it has four positions: on, off, start and accessories. Some vehicles include
Take the fuse out.
It means you have a problem with your air bag system. Don't screw with this. Have a qualified technician check it out.
it is best to take you car to the shop to determine why the light is on. If there is nothing wrong you can take your car to the nearest Auto Zone and they will turn it out for you
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From years of experience working in an auto shop, I would recommend you taking your 2005 Grand Am to a mechanic to have the airbag light turned off. A mechanics ...
In the event the air bag light is on inadvertently in your 1999 Nissan Maxima, you will need to remove the fuse for the light. After a few seconds put the fuse ...
1. Place the Mini's gear selector in park or first gear (manual transmission) Turn the ignition to the "OFF" position to shut down the engine. Turn the ...
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