How to Unsquare a Number.?


1. Enter the number you want to find the square root of into your calculator. 2. Press the square root button on the calculator. This button will look like a check mark. 3. Press the enter button on your calculator, if necessary. The square root of
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How to Unsquare a Number
Every number has a square root, which refers the number that must be multiplied by itself to yield the original number. Some numbers, like 36 or 64, are perfect squares, and finding their square roots is easy once you know your multiplication tables.... More »
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unsquaring a number is to chage it back.
If by "unsquare" an number you mean to find the square root, then the easiest way is
If you have say, 25 showing on the display, you can hit the "root of x" key, which would give you 5. It looks like this: square root of x, or, x under the radicand. and
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To unsquare a number one will have to take the square root of the number. Another way to look at this is to take the number to the one half power. These are the ...
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