How to Unstop Your Nose?


To unclog your nose, buy a decongestant. A nasal spray is one of the best remedies. Most of these contain salt water as an essential component. Stay hydrated and ease congestion by using steam.
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How to Unstop Your Nose
Nasal congestion results from excess mucus in your nose and swollen blood vessels in your nasal passages. It may be a symptom of sinusitis, a cold, acid reflux or an allergic reaction, and it can cause sleep apnea. Try these methods of clearing out your... More »
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1. Use a nasal saline solution. Place nasal saline solution or spray in your nose according to the packaging instructions. Do not use nasal saline drops more than three days as this
I suffer from the same exact thing all the time. I found that the allergy nasal sprays didn't work for me at all, so I switched to other nasal sprays such as afrin. Afrin is a bit
You can use an OTC decongestant or antihisthamine to unstuff your nose. A
Not Medical Advice: Drink warm fluids like tea to thin the mucus in your stuffed nose. Vicks can help!
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