How to Make Fishing Lures?


Designing and creating your own fishing lures can save you a great deal of money. You will need to determine what type of fish you wish to lure, as all species are attracted to different things. Also find yourself a variety of materials such as
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1. Select the method you want to use to rig your lure. Three of the primary and most effective ways to rig soft plastics are the Texas rig, for heavy cover; Carolina rig, for sparse
1 Pick the correct lure. Each lure is intended to attract a particular type of fish under a particular setting. A lure is only 1 of many types of bait. Lures generally best attract
1. Shape a piece of modeling clay into the design you wish to use for your lure. Let the clay harden, or bake it according to manufacturer instructions. 2. Coat the hardened clay
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Using lures is all dependent on what type of fish you're trying to catch. Lures are mostly designed to mimic small fish or insects in order to fool the fish into ...
Watching movies with 3G glasses, is a recent innovation, being used to lure us, into the movies. They use these glasses, to make us pay more, to watch a movie. ...
No, there is no such insect as a jitterbug. There are however, jitterbugs that are used as lures for fishing. ...
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