How to Use the HTML Code for a Smiley in AIM Messenger.?


1. Sign in to AIM if you aren't already using the program. Double-click the name of the buddy to whom you want to send a smiley. 2. Type in the code for the smiley you want to send. For a basic smiley, type in " or " A "winking" smiley uses the codes
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The HTML entity for the smiley face is "☺" (without quotes). EDIT: & # 9 7 8 6 ; It is the above line without spaces. I didn't know Y!A automatically converts
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Smiley face icons are also called emoticons. Emoticons express the emotions of the writer. They are made using combinations of punctuation, capital letters, symbols ...
1. Smiley/Happy Emoticons: Smiling : Laughing :D. Winking ; Grin ^ Angelic O: Kiss : 2. Unhappy/Angry Emoticons: Sad : Crying : Angry > 3. Miscellaneous Emoticons ...
1. Turn on your computer and open the messaging program of your choice. 2. Make the eyes. The colon and the equals sign are the two most common symbols for making ...
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