What is a hypoattenuation?


what is hypoattenuation mean with possible loss of grey- white matter differenttiation within the right posteriror occipital region.
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The subcortical region of the brain is the area that lies below the cerebral cortex. It contains numerous structures such as the Basal Ganglia (motor control), the structures of the
Yes, yes and yes.. I thought it might be old timers or dementia that is why I got the aged assessment team in to assess so I knew what I was dealing with.. So it not as bad I as had
Hypoattenuation is a term used to describe areas that show up as whiter and brighter than normal on an x-ray or CT Scan. Hypoattenuating lesions are commonly referred to in regards
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Hypoattenuation is a common term when reading X-ray and CT scans. This is a term that defines areas that appear to be whiter than usual. This is common in kidneys ...
Hypoattenuating lesions are abnormal tissues that are commonly found in the abdomen using computed tomography (CT). These hypoattenuating lesions are often described ...
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