How to Identify Parts of a Newspaper Article.?


1. Locate the headline of the article at the top, above the body of the article. This is usually in bold face and slightly larger font. A headline contains a concise statement that sums up the article topic. 2. Find the byline. The byline states the
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The parts of a newspaper come in typically thirteen sections. The parts are commonly sectioned by International, Washington, New York Region, business, technology, science, health
1 Understand that nouns and their 'partners' are the following : A noun is a word or phrase that names a person, place, thing, quality, or act (Fred, New York, table, beauty, execution
1. Ears or Pugs. 2. Headline. 3. Deck. 4. Cut. 5. Cutline. 6. Masthead. 7. Splash. 8. By-line. 9. Lead.
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Parts of a Newspaper Article can be identified by the following; the headline which is in most cases in bold, it has a byline which states the author or reporter ...
Parts of a newspaper may vary slightly depending on the area in which one lives. All newspapers will have a main page, with top news stories. Other sections include ...
There are normally 14 parts of a newspaper. International, Politics, City name, Business, Technology, Science, Health, Sports, Entertainment, Weather, Obituaries ...
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