What should my immediate response be if my tire blows out on the highway?


First of all- don't panic! 1) Keep constant gas. 2) Hold stearing wheel by both hands and correct for drive inside your lane. 3) Slowdown firmly. Avoid harsh braking! Check tires before drive!!! Embed Quote
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they're so heavy that it takes the brakes some time to dissipate all that moving energy.
From your description, I'd say to have the front pads replaced. As normal, check rotors for any damage. Your brakes are supposed to make a noise when they are getting worn. :)
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If while driving, a tire suddenly blows out, hold on to the steering wheel and brake slowly. Then put the vehicle to halt and then find a way to put early warning ...
If one of your front tires blows out the first thing you should do is let off the accelerator or gas pedal, and DO NOT hit the brakes. Hitting the brakes during ...
Your car may be shaking when you apply the brakes due to worn brake rotors, bent tyre rims or uneven wear on the tires. When the rotors get warped due continuous ...
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