Illiteracy in the Philippines?


The causes of illiteracy in the Philippines are poverty, the accessibility of education, and problems concerning health. Poverty is a big reason for this occurrence. This includes the budget for transportation and food allowance, tuition and other miscellaneous fees.
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Illiteracy in the Philippines may be because of several factors like: 1. poor families can't afford to send their children to school 2. some people in very remote places have no access
Illiteracy more often occurs when students ask other somebody else to do their project or topic for them. By copying the answer they do NOT learn anything. The ages are school age
I think, a very big cause is MONEY! Anonymous
What do you think makes our country impoverished? I think there are a lot to consider. Some facts: a larger percentage of our population is literate, lots of college graduates each
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Illiteracy in the Philippines is caused by several reasons. One reason is the expenses and many cannot afford to pay for an education. Another reason is students ...
The implications of poverty in the Philippines is high levels of unemployment, illiteracy, arising health conditions, and school drop-outs. There will be instances ...
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