How can you see a tornado on satellite image?


You can't. Tornadoes descend from thunderstorms, and so cannot be seen from above. You can, however, see the thunderstorms in a satellite image. See the link below for a satellite time lapse of storms tha produce tornadoes.
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It is the path of a very large tornado that normally downs so many trees that the path is visible on the satellite image. These paths or scars often are visible for a few years after
Meteorologists usually use doppler radar, so I'm guessing your answer will be : E. Doppler radar. Source(s): ..
Tornadoes strike very close to home. several steps you can take to try and protect yourself should the unthinkable happen to you and your family. When you live in Tornado Alley like
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Tornadoes can hit anywhere if the weather conditions are right. They are more common in the middle of the county and is labeled tornado alley. ...
A tornado destroys personal belongings such as vehicles and houses and kills people in the process. A weak tornado may smash branches or damage signs but a strong ...
A tornadoe is like a whirlwind or a cyclone. It's when air is rotating around and around in circles. It is a very bad storm and can cause major damage. ...
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