In a Serious Collision There Is a Chance of Your Car Catching on Fire?


When you are in a serious collision, there is a very small chance (less than half a percent of a chance) of your car catching on fire upon impact. It does not happen very often, but there is a chance it could happen. The cars would have to hit just right, and there would probably be damage to the fuel tank, as well. Damage to the fuel tank would make it more possible for the car to catch on fire. If your car is in a collision, you should probably get out of the care as soon as possible.
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The chances of a car lighting on
It is very dependent on the type and severity of the collision. However the odds are fairly low as most/all cars made in the last couple decades have had devices that shut off the
It doesn't matter how much fuel you put in a car it isn't going to blow up. My experience is that I've been hit with roadside bombs in Iraq they burn for a long time but no blowing
Not that great. Cars and the gas tanks are designed specifically to not cause a fire in a crash. And if the crash is THAT serious then there would probably be deaths just due to the
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