In Time of Silver Rain by Langston Hughes?


'In Time of Silver Rain' is a poem by Langston Hughes, Langston Hughes wrote the poem in reaction to finding out that Lorraine Hansberry had cancer. Lorraine Hansberry was a poet and an arthur who wrote such notable works as 'A Raisin in the Sun.' Langston was greatly influenced by her works, and even used a line from A Raisin in the Sun in his Dream Deferred works. The poem is centered around things becoming new again, and nature starting anew.
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he loved his life but he took it for granted.
In Time of Silver Rain. By Langston Hughes. In time of silver rain. The earth. Puts forth new life again, Green grasses grow. And flowers lift their heads, And over all the plain.
Langston Hughes, "April Rain Song" from Collected Poems.
George Shearing Quintet: I'll Remember April, or September In the Rain. The latter is a jazz classic, of which 900 thousand copies were sold in 1949.
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