In What Ways Is American Government Conducted on the Basis of Partisanship?


In American government, there are a few ways in which things are conducted on the basis of partisanship. One of these ways is clearly noticeable is how members of congress vote in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Votes are often made along party lines, meaning members vote based on what the rest of their party is voting. Another example is the passage of certain legislation. Democrats often vote on bills with often the government have more oversight over certain aspects of commerce. Republicans often vote on bills which promote less government and more theologically moral ideals.
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Many votes in Congress go along party lines.
When a political party wins a a national election and takes over power it gets to throw all the appointed people to politically appointed positions out of their government jobs and
In recent years, the American Government has been unable to operate efficiently due to arguments between Democrats and Republicans. A very recent example is the government shutdown
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