Inferolateral Ischemia?


Inferolateral Ischemia is a condition that occurs when oxygen and blood flow to the lateral side of the heart has significantly decreased. This could happen for a number of reasons, including different diseases or disorders. This can be a very serious condition, and anyone experiencing symptoms that indicate that blood flow and oxygen to the heart has been reduced will need to visit a doctor immediately to have the problem diagnosed, as well as going forward with any treatment options.
Q&A Related to "Inferolateral Ischemia?"
Lack of oxygen to the heart muscle due to blockage in an artery or vein.
This suggests a reduction in blood flow/oxygen to the lower (infero) outer (lateral) side of the heart. That area is mostly the critically important Left Ventricle: the primary systemic
Its means the the artery in the bottom heart of your heart is blocked by cholesterol (heart disease). If the blockages is severe or for patient who even have a heart attack before
It can be potentially fatal. It means that a part of your heart (the lower, outside part) is not getting enough oxygen. The long-term effects of this are disasterous and could be
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