Inferolateral Ischemia?


Inferolateral Ischemia is a condition that occurs when oxygen and blood flow to the lateral side of the heart has significantly decreased. This could happen for a number of reasons, including different diseases or disorders. This can be a very serious condition, and anyone experiencing symptoms that indicate that blood flow and oxygen to the heart has been reduced will need to visit a doctor immediately to have the problem diagnosed, as well as going forward with any treatment options.
Q&A Related to "Inferolateral Ischemia?"
Lack of oxygen to the heart muscle due to blockage in an artery or vein.
in a heart exam, T wave is concidered inferolateral ischemia. This suggests a reduction in blood flow/oxygen to the lower (infero) outer (lateral) side of the heart. That area is
It can be potentially fatal. It means that a part of your heart (the lower, outside part) is not getting enough oxygen. The long-term effects of this are disasterous and could be
The term usually refers to a lack of oxygen in the cells of the side of the left ventricle (which is inferior/below and lateral/on-the-side of a standard electrocardiogram test. The
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