What is inflectional morphemes?


In linguistics, a morpheme is the smallest grammatical unit in a language. Inflectional morphemes modify a verb's tense or a noun's number without affecting the word's meaning or class. Examples of applying inflectional morphemes to words are adding
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mor·pheme (môr′fēm′) n. A meaningful linguistic unit consisting of a word, such as man, or a word element, such as -ed in walked, that cannot be divided
Inflectional morphology is a part of the study of linguistics. To apply an inflection is to change the form of a word so as to give it extra meaning. This extra meaning could be:
This website defines them and gives examples. It doesn't give five examples of each, but by reading the examples they give, you can come up with more. The site gives cat as an example
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Suffixes can be defined as morphemes added at the end of words to form derivatives. They serve to form new words and they function as inflectional endings. Some ...
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