What is an interesting fact about china?


Mostly stuff is made there and gets shipped to the United States of America.
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Capital: Beijing
Population: 1,349,585,838
Conventional Name: People's Republic of China
Chief of State: President Xi Jinping
Head of State: Premier Li Keqiang
National Anthem: Yiyongjun Jinxingqu (The March of the Volunteers)
Lyrics/Music: Tian Han/Nie Er
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When most Americans think of Chineese we think of the China buffets we visit here in the states and what we eat here like rice, chickens and crab rangoons. Well it is much different
Did you know hippos lay eggs? China has 3240 TV broadcast stations, the
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There are many interesting facts about China. One interesting fact is that China is considered the longest continued civilization. The Chinese language has also ...
Mostly stuff is made there and gets shipped to the United States of America. ...
The Great Wall of China is the longest man made wall in the world.It was build by prisoners, and soldiers. The last stages of the walls were made with bricks. ...
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