What is the definition of interpretation?


interpretation is the act in which you are simplifying the words in a sentence to attain a concrete sentence that you will easily understand. In the performing arts, an interpretation is the personal spin which a performer adds to his performance of
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to give or provide the meaning of; explain; explicate; elucidate: to interpret the hidden meaning of a parable.
to construe or understand in a particular way: to interpret a reply as favorable.
to bring out the meaning of (a dramatic work, music, etc.) by performance or execution.
to perform or render (a song, role in a play, etc.) according to one's own understanding or sensitivity: The actor interpreted Lear as a weak, pitiful old man.
to translate orally.
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Interpretive is defined as serving to interpret; explanatory.
literal interpretation: an interpretation based on the exact wording
False interpretation.
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