What Did Dr Edward Jenner Invent?


Dr. Edward Jenner invented the small pox vaccine. In 1979, small pox was erradicated because of Jenner. Because of that, Jenner is referred to as the "father of immunology".
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1796 he administered his first cowpox based vaccine for smallpox. But others had experimented with it before on a small scale.
Edward Jenner developed or invented the inoculation with the related cow-pox virus to
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Edward Jenner invented the smallpox vaccine. Smallpox vaccine was the first successful vaccine ever to be developed Edward Jenner, and remains the only effective ...
The discovery made by Edward Jenner was the vaccination of smallpox. The discovery led to the banning of all smallpox vaccinations in 1840. Born in 1749, the country ...
Dr. Edward Jenner was among one of the recipients of several awards due to their important discoveries. One of the most valuable awards that he got was the Honorary ...
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