What is Ionic Compound?


An ionic compound is a compound where the atoms give and take electrons from each other to form ions. The ions have opposite charges which causes them to hang around each other. This bond differs from covalent bonds where the atoms share electrons.
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An ionic compound forms when an atom of one element donates one or more electrons to an atom of a different element. The first atom becomes positively charged and the second becomes
1 Write down the formula of the ionic compound. Let's say the ionic compound you're working with is NaCl. [1] Ad 2 Write the name of the metal. Na is sodium. So, write Sodium. 3 Write
Compounds that are formed from cations and anions, or ions with negative and positive charge. Ionic compounds are also compounds that are formed from a metal and a non-metal.
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Ionic compounds are compounds resulting from the formation of an ionic bond. It is also called a salt. Table salt, or sodium chloride, is an ionic compound. ...
Ionic compounds are chemical compounds where ions are held together in a pattern structure by ionic bonds. They are characterised by high melting points and they ...
For chemistry purposes, an ionic compound is a type of chemical compound where the ions are held together in a lattice type design by ionic bonds. ...
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