What to Do about Irresponsible Father?


You could have a heart-to-heart talk in order to deal with an irresponsible father. If this does not compel the father to man up and take some responsible action, you might want to consider getting marriage counseling. If that doesn't work, you could separate.
Q&A Related to "What to Do about Irresponsible Father"
there's some folk in this world who should never have kids, both male and female. take my dad for example. hes an alcoholic, he abused my mum for years but she always forgave him
Hi Christianne! You can talk to him and ask that he sets some rules for your daughter when she is with him telling him it is confusing for her to have two sets of rules. Besides
You don't say why they separated, So first let me say it was not your fault. Something more is going on an your parents need to work it out themselves. Does your mother work? If not
author_dan_neuharth : It may be that your parents are fighting each other through you. Which is unfair to you; it's not your battle. It may be that you are the one who feels like
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