Is Africa Poor or Rich?


Africa is rich in terms of resources and labour force. Africa has all the minerals and precious metals in its vicinity. Africa is considered to be economically and financially poor due to the poor governance and quality of leaders. Africa is the world's second-largest and second most-populous continent, after Asia.
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There is African poverty but, don't believe it for one second that Africa is poor. Just look at it as beneficial to others that they don't organize their resources for a different
Because the greedy Euro- American population take their businesses into Africa and rip off the poele just as they do in China. As everything is "made in China" because they
In the improvershed Country of Africa poor out number the
Argentina is in South America, African countries are poor most of them except about 4 or 5 but the other are making great advances. Argentina I would say is median-income not too
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Africa is a poor continent because of its leaders' poor policy choices that do not bring growth. It is not poorly blessed as a growth environment but it has experienced ...
Africa is poor mainly because of the poor leadership by most leaders. These leaders that have been chosen cannot bring about economic growth due to constant wrangles ...
There are number of reasons why Africa is so poor. One of them is due to mismanagement of land whereby lands are subject to tribal ownership and some are still ...
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