Is Bleach an Acid or an Alkali?


The acidity of a solution (any liquid substance) is measured on the pH scale – termed the ‘power of hydrogen’. The pH scale shows the activity of hydrogen ions present in the sample. Bleach, having an average pH of 12.4, is alkaline.
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According to Trans4Mind, a great portion of our food is naturally alkaline-producing. However, when manufactured into processed food, it converts into acid-producing. It is suggested
The chemical formula of bleach is sodium hypochloride (NaClO) The alkali metal in that group is Na, or sodium.
In terms of volume, bases are actually far more common than acids. The ocean, is slightly basic. So is your blood, and cytoplasm in your cells. You could say that acids stand out
1. Use a pH testing strip to test your pH balance. You can either test your urine or saliva. Test 60 minutes before eating a meal and 2 hours after eating. This will give you the
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Acids and alkalsi are the chemical properties of many solutions that enable the solutions to divide into the categories of the acids, alkalis, and a neutral solution ...
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