Is Detail Oriented Hyphenated?


Hyphens are used in certain words and phrases. When they are used in the wrong way, they change the meaning of the sentence in which they are being used. There are very few grammar rules regarding hyphens. There are many exceptions to the few rules that do exist on hyphens. Detail-oriented is a descriptive word that emphasizes a noun. It is hyphenated. If you are not sure if a word uses a hyphen, the best thing to do is to look it up in a reputable dictionary.
Q&A Related to "Is Detail Oriented Hyphenated?"
To begin the strategic project management process, top management establishes strategic goals such as increasing market share, improving global competitiveness or creating new products
Hi Glen, I sincerely apologize for the delay! "Detail-oriented" means that a person pays close attention to details. Yes, you are correct that the word is hyphenated. You
Meticulous, fastidious, finicky, scrupulous, picky, punctilious, exact, rigid.
Detail-oriented people often focus on insignificant details, usually the
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