Is Msg Addictive?


MSG can be considered addictive, but it's possible that people don't even truly realize that they have an addiction. MSG is a flavor enhancer that people use to season foods.
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There are no definitive answers to whether MSG is addictive or not. There's an entire movement in the U.S. that says that it is and that it should no longer be added to our food supply. However it is widely used in Asian population and they do not suffer from the same issues that Americans do. The jury is still out, and I'm sure that it is not the last that we'll hear about this controversial additive.
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it is right up there with coffee! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$...no matter how addictive it
The FDA concluded that MSG was safe for
If people are informed and willing to still eat it why shouldn't they be allowed to?
I love Asian food. Chinese and Thai are my favorites, but there is a good Korean place in town as well. I don't eat any of the fried stuff (HD, that General Tso is gonna KILL you!
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