What was Poseidon's real name?


He's a god, dear friend. Don't expect for him to have a middle and last name. Poseidon's real name is indeed Poseidon. He also goes by God of the Sea and Neptune, his Roman counterpart.
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Poseidon or Neptune causes tides. Christians wrongly say, "Godidit! Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are going to have too much of those Christians and their false god someday.
Wow what a cool question. OK, I'll throw in my take on it. Poseidon would be a god, so he could live wherever the hell he wanted. So where is the coolest and most happening place
The real name of this Greek god is Poseidon. Is that your question?
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The biggest example that comes to mind is right after Odysseus escapes from the cyclops, telling him his real name and thus incurring the wrath of Poseidon. ...
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