Is Red Wine High in Iron?


Red wine is considered a nonheme iron source that is high in iron. This means that the iron from the wine is less absorbed than a heme iron source. The amount that is absorbed depends on the body's needs at that time.
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Red wine is made from the dark grapes instead of lighter grapes. Red wine has been shown to have some health benefits when consumed responsibly. It has melatonin, which can help with sleep issues. It also has anti-oxidants, which is good to help slow down aging, as well as helps fight off certain types of cancer, like breast and prostate. It is also thought to help with brain and heart health. However, it is not high in iron. It is actually considered an iron absorption inhibitor. It actually reduces the body's ability to absorb the protein if it is consumed at the same time as you are eating the protein.
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Not all red wine will have the same amount of iron in it. This is because not all wine is made the same way. However, white wine will cause the body to absorb more iron than red wine
The Dept. of Agriculture, which regulates the Nutritional Facts labeling on all food items, including wine, shows 0 iron in wine or 0% of daily value of iron in all wines(red, white
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