Is "Anchorman," the movie about Ron Burgundy, a true story?


The movie "Anchorman" is not a true story. However, Mort Crim, a real news anchor for several TV stations was the inspiration for the character Ron Burgundy.

Comedian Will Ferrell based Ron Burgundy on self-described "male chauvinist pig" Mort Crim. Crim and his co-host Jessica Savitch became the first male-female anchor pairing in the country when they worked together in Philadelphia in 1974. According to Crim, the true story was much more nuanced than the movie; however, he did find Ferrell's portrayal entertaining. Crim reportedly sent Ferrell a headshot signed, "the real anchorman." Crim and Ferrell met in person at the "Anchorman 2" premier.

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