Is Tea Good for Plants?


Liquid tea isn't especially good for plants, but tea and coffee grounds can be used to enrich the soil, which should in turn lead to healthier plants. Many gardeners put tea and coffee grounds in their compost bins or directly in the top 6-8 inches of their soil.
The grounds also help deter slugs and can benefit acid loving plants, such as azaleas and hydrangeas.
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Is Tea Good for Plants?
The brewing process for tea releases the leaves' essential oils, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids, which are compounds thought to have health benefits. Tea may benefit your garden or house plants. The same "brewing" process, using organic materials,... More »
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There are a bunch of different plants that grow tea. Pretty much any plant out there can be made into tea. Yes its true everything from hibiscus to lemon. Making tea is actually the
1. Buy a tea plant that is healthy and free of disease. Look for plants in 1-to-3-gallon containers that are 2-to-3 feet tall. Do not buy plants that appear to be root bound. Water
Camelia sinensis.
Jon Sides gives a great overview in his answer, and I'd like to also say that these processes have tremendous depth and subtlety of skill behind them, particularly in the method of
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