Is There a Problem with Hotmail Today?


As of January 27, 2013 Hotmail is running smoothly. You can check the status of Hotmail from the Microsoft website. They have a live status along with a place to report a problem.
Q&A Related to "Is There a Problem with Hotmail Today"
Because of the anonymity possible through Hotmail or Yahoo accounts, both are frequently used by senders of spam. Both services also do spam filtering as a service to their users.
There are many standard security problems in CS. Buffer Overflows: Attacker can run a. Shellcode. on remote machine, and take over the control in hand. Detail description can be found
Hotmail was unavailable and not working today. Hotmail was down earlier Tuesday, the problem since corrected. The cause of the outage is not clear. Reported error messages included
It's about time to switch to gmail ;) Didn't have any problems on my hotmail account.
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