Is Vinegar Bad for Your Teeth?


Vinegar can be bad for your teeth, as it can erode the enamel, especially in teenagers. However, apple cider vinegar contains potassium, which your body needs to prevent tooth decay. It can also help take care of plaque that builds up on teeth.
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there is lots of bad things for your teeth but the main one you should look out for is sugar! if you eat to much sugar your teeth will fall out easier.it is a better time to eat it
1 Brush your teeth like normal. Make sure to brush the inside and outside of all your teeth. Finish brushing and spit like normal. Ad 2 Rinse your toothbrush and add more toothpaste
I can't say for sure which specific soda is the least bad for your teeth, but. I can give you some guidelines so you can assess how bad a particular soda is for your teeth. Look to
White vinegar is made by fermenting alcohol into acetic acid that is usually sold in a roughly 20% strength diluted with water. There are many different kinds of vinegar including
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