It's the Law a Rap Poem?


The poem titled It's the Law: A Rap Poemwas written by poet S. Pearl Sharp. This poem describes America and the many laws within the country. The poet believes there are too many laws in the United States, but the laws are made due to the behavior of the people. In It's the Law: A Rap Poem, the author states that if people were more kind and more loving to one another, there would be fewer laws or needs for certain laws.
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1. Write subject matter appropriate to rap themes. While there are no rules regarding content of a rap poem, preserve the authenticity of your rap poetry by writing about urban topics
I like the one Eazy-E recorded in 1996.
I found a link to the poem below, but not much
1. The heading need to be inspirational. Have her name and relate it to your life. Relate the heading to a flower or her favourite colour.Some examples are. Cassandra and the rose
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