Italian Insults?


If you know Italian you probably know a few insults. A few common Italian insults are coglione which means idiot or fool. Other insults include culo for arse or cornuto for when a person's spouse is cheating
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Q: If Tarzan and Jane were Italian what would cheetah be? A: The other woman.
Stronzo (stronzA feminine) = Jerk. Scemo/a (or stupido/a) = Stupid. Idiota = Idiot. Imbecille = Retarded. Coglione/a = Asshole. Troia (or Puttana) = B - i . t - c - .h. Figlio/a di
Italian slang: faccia di culo, butt-ugly person; faccia di merda, very despicable person, an asshole, a bastard, a son of a bitch; fessacchione, big idiot. MORE
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