Jumpy Eye?


A jumpy eye is also known as eye twitching. Eye twitching is commonly caused by many different causes such as stress, caffeine, allergies, eye strain, dry eyes, nutritional imbalances, tiredness and alcohol. The sudden start of eye twitching is often not a cause for concern. However when eye twitching continues it is important to discuss with your doctor so that he or she can pinpoint their cause and help you to determine a treatment method.
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Some possible causes of eye twitching are: lack of
Eyelid twitching usually disappears without treatment. In the meantime, the following steps may help: Get more sleep. Drink less caffeine. Lubricate your eyes with eye drops. If twitching
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Jumpy eyes is known as a symptom to a condition that is called weak eye tracking. Eye tracking is defined as the ability for both eyes to work together in order ...
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