What is a Keofeed tube?


A Keofeed tube is a small diameter feeding tube that is made of soft silicone with a weighted end. The tube is flexible, which makes the insertion difficult. This is made easier with the addition of a firm stylet. Once the tube is inserted, an X-ray is done to verify that the stylet is in the right place. The stylet does not get removed, in case the tube needs to be reinserted. This makes this style of tube suitable for diets where the liquid is absorbed without digestion.
Q&A Related to "What is a Keofeed tube?"
A keofood tube is a small tube used for feeding. Weighted to allow movement by peristalsis into duodenum.
A Keofeed tube is a type of nasogastric (NG) tube - a tube inserted through the nose (naso-) to the stomach (-gastric) used to feed patients in hospitals or nursing homes when they
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