What is Kinetic and Potential Energy?


Potential energy is energy is an object but is not currently being used. The object's potential energy is converted to kinetic energy, causing the object to move. That's why kinetic energy is called the energy of motion.You can find more information
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Kinetic Potential Energy Science Projects
Exploration of energy issues can occur at all ages and in all sciences. Projects suitable for elementary to college-level students can provide useful ways to demonstrate kinetic and potential energy. Physics stands as the main science that explains... More »
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Kinetic energy is the extra energy it has due to its motion. It is the work required to move an object from rest to its current velocity. Potential energy is the energy stored in
potential energy is stored energy before the object is put into motion the higher the object is at level the more potential energy their is ;kinetic is energy in motion it is when
1. Write out the total energy equation: E = K + U, where E is total energy, K is kinetic energy and U is potential energy. 2. Subtract potential energy from total energy and this
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Kinetic energy is the study of the energy of an object in motion. Some kinetic energy science projects include using the same size cars with different types of ...
There are many ways to create a kinetic energy science project. Find an experiment or project you want to create and research it. You can find tutorials and references ...
Potential energy is energy at rest, stored energy, while kinetic energy is energy in motion. A rock on a ledge has potential energy until it falls when it has ...
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