How to Get Rid of Diarrhea in Kittens?


If your kittens have diarrhea, chances are they have worms. Kittens are born with worms and when they are old enough (6-8 weeks) they will need to be wormed. Your vet is the one who can advise you what to use.
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One of the most common causes of diarrhea in cats is a heavy parasite load. Hookworms and roundworms are two of the most frequent culprits. Other symptoms of worms may include a distended
Some causes of kitten diarrhea are simple to eliminate & solve; others are more
Many things can cause diarrhea in felines, the most common being food allergies, intestinal parasites and even some antibiotics can interfere with a cat's stomach. For kittens with
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Kittens can have very fincky stomachs just like babies. If there diet is changed abrubtly they can get diarrhea. There systems are still deveolping so they should ...
Diarrhea in cats is caused by a number of reasons including intestinal parasites (kitten worms), viral and bacterial infections like Feline infectious peritonitis ...
There are numerous reasons that would cause your kitten diarrhoea. These include infection by parasites, improper diet, viruses, food allergies, feline Leukaemia ...
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