How to Draw a Volcano?


Drawing a volcano is really simple! Just draw a mountain, but be sure to have a flattened top. From the top of the volcano use oranges, reds, and yellows to draw lava erupting. Be sure to draw smoke clouds above the opening of the volcano as well.
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1. Draw a pool at the center of the bottom of your paper. The pool does not have to be round. In fact, the more abnormal the shape, the more it will resemble the magma pocket. Color
1. Draw a vertical line. 2. Draw a diagonal line. Also add two ovals on top of the line you drew in step 1. 3. Add three ovals on top of the two you drew in the last step. Also draw
Volcanoes don't draw lava. The Earth's Core is molten rocks and metals. As tectonic plates move the force old land down into the core where it melts and joins the other molten material
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Volcanoes are very easy to draw! Just draw a very basic triangular shape to start out with. The only step left after that is to add in the details, such as the ...
First, draw an upside down triangle, with the top cut off. Next draw a long straight line, starting at the center of the bottom of the volcano. Draw an oval ...
A volcano is a place on the Earth's surface or crust molten rock, gases, and debris escape through the Earth's crust. The largest volcano on Earth is the Mauna ...
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