Labeled Parts of a Thermometer?


A thermometer has many lines and gauges to read when taking ones temperature. It houses mercury in a glass bulb that rises and falls in accordance with the heat or cool it comes in contact with. Depending on the type of thermometer you have, you will either see the temperature markings, such as 100 degrees, 98 degrees, and so on, or it will have marks that you will then need to convert to real temperatures.
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A thermometer includes a scale, the bore, the bulb, the steps, and coloured alcohol or as in the past:mercury.
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Labeling a thermometer can help to teach students about temperatures as well as the parts of a thermometer. Students can label the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales, ...
The main parts of a thermometer include the bulb and Celsius scale or Fahrenheit scale. A thermometer is an instrument that is used for measuring and indicating ...
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