How much is a German Shepard dog?


this can vary depending on where you purchasing or adopting the German Shepard to the standard of the breeder, I've seen them sell for 800+ us dollars, not including shipping shipping can vary depending on where you shipping and how your shipping,
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1. Visit the DVG America website for a list of 13 German commands used in Shutzhund training. (See References 4) The commands are listed in the site's "Frequently Asked Questions
A Rottweiler/German Shepard mix has a life expectancy of about
Besides GSD, I'd say probably some Lab and perhaps a bit of Beagle. So, a Lab/Beagle/Shepherd. By the way, he's very handsome. With the breeds he's crossed with (Could be) I'd say
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A rottweiler/german shepard mix will live for about ten years. Some dogs will live longer and other shorter. It all depends upon how the dog was treated and its ...
A German Shepherd lab mix is an interesting combination. These two breeds mixed together result in dogs who often retain the characteristics of a lab in the ears ...
German Shepard-Boxer mixes are loyal and protective dogs. They are also full of energy and usually need some sort of daily exercise. The average lifespan of a ...
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