What is left outer join ?


equi-join joins 2 tables where value in first table must exist in 2nd table outer join joins 2 tables and value may exist in 2nd table but need not. left is only saying which table column value is compulsary lets say u have 2 tables A : id name 1
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Left Outer Join. http://www.1keydata.com/sql/left-outer-j….
If there r any values in one table that do not have corresponding
Suppose I have three tables called A, B, C. A is the main table. Suppose A maintains a list of items. If a item is of type 'w' then A contains all the information that are required.
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The left outer join is a search command used in database programming which lists rows from the left table even when there is no identical row on the right. Dd2 ...
To link together tables in a SELECT statement there are a few keywords depending on the results you would like. You can use JOIN with INNER, OUTER, CROSS, LEFT ...
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