How to Cite From a Dictionary on the Web.?


1. To cite the word in the format recommended by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, start with the word being cited in quotation marks and follow it with the source, the copyright date, the URL and the date of access in parenthesis. If you read the
source: www.ehow.com
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Contemporary English.
The definition according to the Merriam Web dictionary explains the word 'propagate' as the following: to cause to continue or increase by sexual or asexual reproduction.
Typekit specifically doesn't do that, at least not in Chrome or Safari for me. Typekit uses the font declaration which is the modern and safe for the things you're talking about.
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Contemporary English. ...
There are several dictionaries available for use such as the Thesaurus, Oxford, Cambridge and Longman dictionaries among others. The best among them depends on ...
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