How to Make a Thunder Tube.?


1. Wearing heavy work gloves to protect your hands, use tin snips to cut the aluminum pie pan into quarter-sized pieces. set aside. Pull a balloon tightly over one end of a paper towel tube. 2. Poke a pinhole in the center of a circle of a shirt
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How to Make a Thunder Tube
Thunder tubes make a variety of sounds by transmitting the vibrations of the spring through the head of the tube. They can be used along with rain sticks and hand drums to add body to American Indian music. Rain sticks were believed to have sympathetic... More »
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Source: www.ehow.com
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In order to make a tube bender you must first gather up your supplies. Some of the supplies you will need are steel plates, return springs, bolts and a steel rod. You can find more
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the thunder tube + science = sound waves.
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Thunder is caused by lightning. Lightning heats up the air surrounding it creating a resonance tube of air. Cooler air rushing into the vacuum left by the super ...
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