How to Make a Water Clock?


To make a water clock you need a two liter plastic bottle with the bottom cut off. Use a wax pencil to draw your fill line on the bottle. Take off the cap and put in a rubber stopper. You can find more information here:
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Water clocks have been used by educators and others to teach children scientific principles about the movement of water or just as a fun way to make a non-traditional clock. Water clocks are extremely quick and easy to make and require materials that... More »
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1. Cut one of the small pieces of wood into square tiles with the hand saw. 2. Determine the size of the push pins and drill small holes into the wood tiles that will accommodate
1 Open the alarm clock and snip the two wires that lead from the circuit board to the speaker. Ad 2 Strip the two ends of wire leading from the board and splice two longer wires to
It is interesting to note that the Egyptian water clock actually was invented by Ctesibius, of Greek origin. Because of the unique design of the water clock, it can be made to make
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To make a water clock you will need a 2-liter plastic bottle. Next you will need to cut the bottom of the bottle off. Then draw a straight line using a wax pencil ...
1. Rinse out an empty 2-L soda bottle. Remove the label and adhesive for a clear view to the inside of the bottle. 2. Cut off the top of the bottle using a utility ...
Making a water clock can be easy and the only supplys you will need is clock, paper, clear jar, large, rectangular piece of crdboard, thumbtacks, clear tape, ...
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