How to Treat a Mallet Finger?


Ice the mallet finger immediately to reduce local swelling and pain. Continue intermittently icing the injured finger for the first 2 to 3 days. Keep the mallet finger elevated as much as possible. Keep it straight! Discontinue athletic competition
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i have a bent tip of my ring finger (mallett finger) if u want it to heal straight you have to splint it for at least 4-5 weeks paying close attention not to bend it otherwise you
1. Apply ice. The finger will likely be swollen and painful at first. You won't be able to straighten it or bend it without feeling extreme tenderness. 2. Keep the finger straight
An injury that occurs when the tip of a finger is bent forcibly backwards, stripping a tendon from its bony attachment, and leaving the victim unable to extend the finger. The tendon
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There are two known treatments which are used in treating a mallet finger. The first and most practical treatment is using a mallet finger splint. The finger splint ...
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