Where does the Tasmanian Devil Live?


The tasmanian devil is originally from Tasmania. History shows they then wet into Australia, but after the Ice ages they stayed in places as long as their food supply continued.
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Tasmanian devils live by preying on small mammals and birds, and scavenging carrion. They are nocturnal feeders. They hide in dense undergrowth and bushland, or they hide in caves
The Tasmanian Devil is only found on the island state of Tasmania, which is part
I'm not sure, but I was married to one for almost 18 years (divorced him) and last I heard he is still going strong. P.S. Never end a sentence with a preposition. ♥
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The Tasmanian Devil lives naturally only on the island of Tasmania. The island is one of the Australian islands. The small animal resembles an Opossum. It is about ...
Tasmanian devils can only be found in the wild in Tasmania. Hundreds of years ago they also existed on the mainland of Australia. They can also be found in zoos ...
Tasmanian Devils, which typically grow to be one foot in height and two to four feet in length, are found on the island of Tasmania, located in the country of ...
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