Who Are the Characters of the Epic Darangan?


Maranao Epic Darangan is a 14th Century poem that is written in the Maranaw/Maranao language. Unfortunately, this poem does not have specific characters because it narrates heroic feats of Maguindanao people. It highlights the prowess and brave acts of the skilled Moro warriors.
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Darangan Epics refer to the tales of ancient Philippines written around 14-15th centuries. These epics are like the epics of other countries depicting wars and romances.
Bantugan would be a hero without his powers but would he be an effective one?
Here's a children's book you can order: http://pbby.org.ph/awardees_1988.html I can't find anything else. That's the closest. Sorry.
ambot sa imong lubot wa ko kabalo she pahawa na be your so palaban computer to save your answer.
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Darangan is a 14th century epic poem. It is considered among some of the oldest Filipino literature. They are also considered to be folklore or folk epics. They ...
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