How to Treat Constipation With Massage?


Reduce stress in your life in general, by massage. Stress and tension are major causes of constipation, so you can possibly prevent constipation by getting a regular massage. If that doesn't work, try abdominal massage. Find a massage therapist who
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The massage therapist rubs your tummy starting at the liver area, then proceeds to the two bends in the colon until it starts to "give" a little signaling that the bowel
Children aren't usually as concerned about going to the bathroom as they are playing with their friends or toys. It may even be hard for them or you to realize that they are constipated
Anytime your baby feels sick, your heart just sinks. No other feeling compares to the feeling you get when your baby hurts. However, if the baby is suffering from constipation, then
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Forget wasting time, effort and money! Go to the healthfood store and get wheatgrass. My mum had chronic constipation, wind and pain. Her doctor prescribed that ...
To treat constipation in infants you can gently massage their stomachs. You can also give them apple juice. You can also give them a small amount of prune juice. ...
To treat constipation in babies, you need to massage your baby's tummy. Move your baby's legs in a cycling motion and also give your baby a bath. Don't use a thermometer ...
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